New Halloween Blowups and
Christmas Inflatables for 2017

New inflatable haunted houses for your yard, neon, skeleton playing organ with sound, ghosts and pumpkins Blowups and Halloween inflatables.

Find the new styles of Halloween blowups and Christmas inflatables for this holiday season.  Some of the most popular ones so far are the new Neon Halloween inflatables and the haunted houses with sound.  There are actually a few of the inflatable blow ups that have sound this season including a hearse which is pretty cool.  We have most of the good blowups below that are from either Walmart Christmas inflatables and holiday blowups for the yard.  Several great stores with good prices on their Halloween and Christmas inflatables and a lot of them are online only and not in store.  The good news is that Walmart now has the shipping to store deal on some which you can order online and have it shipped for free to a store near you or you can pay for shipping and have it shipped to your home or business.  Either way you will like the new 2017 Halloween blowups and Christmas yard inflatables for this season.

New 2017 Inflatable Halloween Blowups and Christmas Inflatables

We have been trying to keep the deals up to date for all the Halloween blowups and Christmas inflatables and we have a
NEW section that has all of  the newest Christmas and Halloween yard blowups and specials for new 2016 season.

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All of the Christmas blowup and inflatable merchants are just starting to renew their stock with some cool Christmas blow ups.  I am adding them as the Halloween stores send them to me.
For the best result use the link above which has all of the newest blowups for your yard for the 2017 Halloween and Christmas season.  We will continue to add the Halloween Blow Ups to that list

Inflatable Pumpkin Carriage Blowup with Grim Reaper

This is one of the most popular Halloween blowups for the 2017 season.  It's an over 9 foot long inflatable Pumpkin Carriage complete with Grim Reaper will scare the horses and the neighborhood! It's a full eight feet long - think big this Halloween.

Inflatable Pumpkin Carriage With Grim Reaper

New Scary Neon Halloween Inflatable Blowups

Neon halloween blowups and yard inflatables 

This is one of the new 2017 neon Halloween inflatables.  It's a scary looking Neon Ghost Pumpkin Airblown Inflatable. This awesome decoration features an orange pumpkin with three ghosts in neon.  One of the coolest blow ups we've seen this season.

Scary Neon Inflatable Ghosts and Pumpkin Blowups

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New giant 12 foot wicked witch Halloween blowups for your yard. Use coupon code AFCCXP15 on you Halloween orders and save 15% only at Costume Express .

Click Here to Save on this Giant Witch Yard Blowup


Cute but spooky inflatable ghosts for your yard this Halloween.  This blowup is just over 8 feet tall when inflated.

Inflatable Spooky Ghosts Trio

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    Hot Rod with Skelly Racer Halloween Blowup

    Animated 3 Witches with Cauldron Halloween Blowups

    Gemmy Inflatable Haunted Houses Blowups

    Brand new inflatable haunted house for the 2017 Halloween season.  Airblown Haunted House with pumpkins and ghosts that shine in the dark.

    More Info Haunted House Archway Airblown Decoration


    Animated Haunted Pirate Ship Halloween Blowups


    Airblown Inflatable Halloween Skull


    Giant 12 Foot Tall Inflatable
    Vampire Halloween Blowups

    Inflatable Halloween
    Reaper on 3-Wheeler

    3 Ghosts Trio & Pumpkin Airblown Inflatable

    Inflatable Haunted Houses Blowups

    This large inflatable is sure to attract kids of all ages to your door as they walk the neighborhood Trick or Treating. Setup is as easy as 1 2 3. Limited quantities available get yours today!

    9 Foot high stack of pumpkins inflatable yard blowups

    Skeleton Crypt Keeper on Chopper Halloween Inflatable


    Inflatable Pumpkins Halloween Blowups

    Airblown Pumpkin Tree with Ghost makes a dazzling light up prop.  One of many new 2017 Halloween blowups for this season.  This inflatable is 8 foot high and lights up for night time outdoor decorations and will also look great in the daytime in your yard.  Easy setup and it self inflates fast.

    Pumpkin, Ghosts and Tree Halloween Inflatables


    9 Foot Inflatable Stagecoach

    This is the large 9 foot inflatable hearse!

    9 foot Haunted Wild Stagecoach Airblown

    8 Foot Inflatable
    Grim Reaper


    Giant Grim Reaper Inflatable Archway for Halloween

    Grim Reaper Airblown Inflatable Archway Blowups

    Ghost Snow Globes with Bats

    7' Whirlwind Ghost Halloween Inflatable Globe Blowups



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